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Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream

It’s getting harder to live your dream as each year goes by.  It’s pretty sad but even more sad it’s true.  No it’s not your imagination and it’s not even your fault.  You’ve been a victim but you can break out and move on to live your dream!

Before being able to move on to live your dream, we need to understand the fundamentals of what got you trapped in the rat race in the first place.   Without this understanding we are doomed to stay trapped like all the wage slaves you see everyday.  They often think they are living their dream, if they are then how come they are not happy?

How Did We Get Here?

At school you probably heard about a really big event in human history called The Industrial Revolution.   The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840.

The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain and most of the important technological innovations were British. Laws also shaped the revolution, such as courts ruling in favor of property rights. An entrepreneurial spirit and consumer revolution helped drive industrialization in Britain which after 1800 was emulated in Belgium, the United States, and France.

The rise in factories and employment was like nothing in history ever before.  More and more people were needed by factories which caused wages to rise and the standard of living to also rise.  Generally speaking this was a good thing for the human race.   The owners of the factories were also the same people making laws or at least having a strong influence on lawmaking.

Another area which also grew was education.  The bosses needed people to have a basic education which covered English (reading, writing, spelling and grammar)  and Arithmetic.  These skills were needed by all businesses.

Even today, schools teach only basic concepts which are useful for getting a job.  They rarely touch on anything that’s of use to the student.  They don’t teach things about building relationships, being happy, how to make money, how finance and the banking system works.  None of those things get a look in.

That’s because the business owners don’t want people thinking about those things.  They just want people to have the skills their business needs.  Sorry if any of this is upsetting but as I said, to move on these things need to be understood.

Now as we move to more modern times, Governments, financial institutions and media companies figured out how to fleece all the workers while keeping them sedated and working.

In school they ensured that we were all told a million times that we needed good grades to get a good job.  Like that was the only point of life.  So brainwashed were we that we find ourselves telling our own kids this rubbish. All it does is ensure they conform to the pattern of becoming a wage slave trapped in the rat race.  Forget your dream, get a good grade so you can work hard at a crappy job making the shareholders even richer.

As we have all heard plenty of times many self-made millionaires and billionaires dropped out. This proves what a lie we have been fed for generations.

When the 40 hour week became a thing in the western world, the workers suddenly had leisure time.  So all of a sudden they wanted a cabin by the lake, a boat, a bowling ball, skis…all sorts of non-essential things.  So the finance industry began giving loans to workers instead of only to business.

Families grew larger so homes needed to be expanded with extra rooms and garages and swimming pools.  The workers found it easy to get approved for loans as long as they had a “good job”

Having debt ensured the workers turned up for work everyday.  There was no way they could afford to lose their “good job”

This fear of losing their good job kept workers docile and pliable.

When credit cards were launched back in the 70’s they soon became indispensable.  The debt just kept getting higher and higher.  The average US family is in debt for $132,500  When the debt is that high, who is the worker really working for.  Are they working for themselves or for the bank? I think you can figure it out right?

So my friend, that’s exactly how we all got into this predicament.  

This rat race trap of being a wage slave.  Yes it’s the short version and I’m sure some critics won’t want to see it as the truth and will reject my claims.  Sadly for them, they will not be able to escape and are destined to remain in the system toiling away for the bank.

They also keep telling you getting a good job is the best long term security for you and your family.  That’s also a lie.  How many jobs are for life these days?  None right?  Jobs these days are part-time, casual and with little or no benefits.  Often without enough hours to even live without support from the Government.  Then as soon as the economy turns or they need to increase shareholder profits, they fire the staff.  Yeah great security.


How Do You Break Free and Live Your Dream?

Hopefully now you know we were all sold a bullshit story to keep us working for the factory and the bank.  That’s their dream not your dream.  It’s time to start working for your dream.

Whats needed is for you to have your own business.  The benefits are so awesome I am amazed so few people get into business.

Many people wanting to make the leap from wage slave to business owner look at traditional small businesses.  Such things as coffee shops, donut/muffin shops, taxi,  7/11 type shops, franchises like Subway, chicken etc.  Nothing intrinsically wrong with any of these, especially franchises, just they all require a lot of investment and a huge amount of hours.

These traditional brick and mortar businesses are extremely risky and that’s if you’ve had training and experience.   If you have not had experience in setting up and running a traditional business you’re really taking a big risk.  Put it this way 50% of  small businesses fail within the first 5 years. So at best you have a 50/50 chance of surviving.

Some of the reasons this happens is; High start up costs, debt, high rent, high cost of stock, wages, advertising.  Competition can also be a killer.  If a competitor opens up near you and provides better service and lower prices, things can get very difficult.

The hardest thing about a traditional small business is you’re in business alone.  No one is going to help you.  No one is going to guide you.  You’re all alone

Many times I’ve seen ex-bank managers and other people who were employees all their adult lives get a payout when their jobs were made redundant and go off and start a small business.  Less than a year later they are broke and driving a taxi for someone else.  It’s a depressing, sad story but all too true. They just didn’t have the skills and experience needed to run a small business successfully.

If you would like to avoid that terrible fate then perhaps look at some businesses which benefit from the internet and modern technology.  Imagine a business which you run entirely from your home.  No huge overheads, no shop, no office, no staff, no signage.  None of the usual expenses associated with a traditional business.

Home Business is the Solution

The Network Marketing industry has had a tough time mostly by two types of people.  Type 1 is the people who have never truly had anything to do with it and just parrot the bad things they heard.  Type 2 is the person who tried it for a week, never bothered to learn how to do it, never took any advice, quit and then covered their failure by saying “it doesn’t work”

I’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from network marketing so it’s pretty hard to tell me it doesn’t work.

It’s illegal they say.  It’s not, it’s heavily regulated by Government so hard to figure where that one comes from

It’s a pyramid scheme they say.  Hang one…what?!?  The company you work for is a pyramid scheme.  Just look at it.  There’s one or two at the top, then a lot more managers and then a whole bunch of workers down the bottom.  Who makes the most pay from your company?  The guy at the top or the typical worker down the bottom? THAT looks like a pyramid to me.

OK lets move onto the bits that matter instead of that sort of silliness.

There are tons of network marketing businesses that cover all sorts of markets, some examples are
Health & Nutrition
Financial Management
Consumer Goods & Services
Skincare & Cosmetics
Travel & Vacation Planning
Global Communications
Crypto Currencies

Network Marketing are very often on the cutting edge of technology and trends.  They need innovative and exciting products and services to attract people to share the news and distribute for them.

Because they bypass the traditional methods of advertising, marketing and distribution they have a very efficient lower cost business model.  This is where the money comes from and plenty of money there is.

I first got started in Network Marketing way back in 1992.  I was introduced to it by a stranger.  At the time I owned a struggling Electrical Contracting firm and a real estate firm.  Both were in dire straits.  It was a bad economy but also I was not all that good as a manager.

When this stranger came to my house and showed me his business model I was very excited, it sounded very modern, very cutting edge and sure sounded like it would work to me.  Then he told me it was Amway!  I was shocked and quite disappointed.  I sure didn’t want to be part of Amway.  That was my ignorance talking.

I promised to review the materials he left me.  Over the next two days I listened to some tapes, watched a couple of videos and read the company magazines he left with me.  I kept an open mind and started having a thought…. what if…

What if this thing worked?

Dare I think it….it kept coming back to me…what if..

I started in Amway in February 1992 and that stranger became my sponsor, trainer, mentor and good friend.

He made me a success in Amway, i was never building that business alone, I could always ask for help and advice.

That was a big part of the success.  In later years I went one to even bigger success in Network Marketing and enjoyed the celebrity, friendship, world travel, awards and of course the huge income.

You can do this.  Trust me if I can do it, you can do it.  Just think…what if….

Since 2003 we have helped thousands of Australians get closer to their goals and dreams.  Isn’t it time you got the chance to finally live your dream?

Try our service for free, we don’t bite, we don’t cost you a cent and you can review some businesses in the comfort of you home.  Real businesses that really work.

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Live Your Dream home business

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