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Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream

It’s getting harder to live your dream as each year goes by.  It’s pretty sad but even more sad it’s true.  No it’s not your imagination and it’s not even your fault.  You’ve been a victim but you can break out and move on to live your dream!

Before being able to move on to live your dream, we need to understand the fundamentals of what got you trapped in the rat race in the first place.   Without this understanding we are doomed to stay trapped like all the wage slaves you see everyday.  They often think they are living their dream, if they are then how come they are not happy?

How Did We Get Here?

At school you probably heard about a really big event in human history called The Industrial Revolution.   The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840.

The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain and most of the important technological innovations were British. Laws also shaped the revolution, such as courts ruling in favor of property rights. An entrepreneurial spirit and consumer revolution helped drive industrialization in Britain which after 1800 was emulated in Belgium, the United States, and France.

The rise in factories and employment was like nothing in history ever before.  More and more people were needed by factories which caused wages to rise and the standard of living to also rise.  Generally speaking this was a good thing for the human race.   The owners of the factories were also the same people making laws or at least having a strong influence on lawmaking.

Another area which also grew was education.  The bosses needed people to have a basic education which covered English (reading, writing, spelling and grammar)  and Arithmetic.  These skills were needed by all businesses.

Even today, schools teach only basic concepts which are useful for getting a job.  They rarely touch on anything that’s of use to the student.  They don’t teach things about building relationships, being happy, how to make money, how finance and the banking system works.  None of those things get a look in.

That’s because the business owners don’t want people thinking about those things.  They just want people to have the skills their business needs.  Sorry if any of this is upsetting but as I said, to move on these things need to be understood.

Now as we move to more modern times, Governments, financial institutions and media companies figured out how to fleece all the workers while keeping them sedated and working.

In school they ensured that we were all told a million times that we needed good grades to get a good job.  Like that was the only point of life.  So brainwashed were we that we find ourselves telling our own kids this rubbish. All it does is ensure they conform to the pattern of becoming a wage slave trapped in the rat race.  Forget your dream, get a good grade so you can work hard at a crappy job making the shareholders even richer.

As we have all heard plenty of times many self-made millionaires and billionaires dropped out. This proves what a lie we have been fed for generations.

When the 40 hour week became a thing in the western world, the workers suddenly had leisure time.  So all of a sudden they wanted a cabin by the lake, a boat, a bowling ball, skis…all sorts of non-essential things.  So the finance industry began giving loans to workers instead of only to business.

Families grew larger so homes needed to be expanded with extra rooms and garages and swimming pools.  The workers found it easy to get approved for loans as long as they had a “good job”

Having debt ensured the workers turned up for work everyday.  There was no way they could afford to lose their “good job”

This fear of losing their good job kept workers docile and pliable.

When credit cards were launched back in the 70’s they soon became indispensable.  The debt just kept getting higher and higher.  The average US family is in debt for $132,500  When the debt is that high, who is the worker really working for.  Are they working for themselves or for the bank? I think you can figure it out right?

So my friend, that’s exactly how we all got into this predicament.  

This rat race trap of being a wage slave.  Yes it’s the short version and I’m sure some critics won’t want to see it as the truth and will reject my claims.  Sadly for them, they will not be able to escape and are destined to remain in the system toiling away for the bank.

They also keep telling you getting a good job is the best long term security for you and your family.  That’s also a lie.  How many jobs are for life these days?  None right?  Jobs these days are part-time, casual and with little or no benefits.  Often without enough hours to even live without support from the Government.  Then as soon as the economy turns or they need to increase shareholder profits, they fire the staff.  Yeah great security.


How Do You Break Free and Live Your Dream?

Hopefully now you know we were all sold a bullshit story to keep us working for the factory and the bank.  That’s their dream not your dream.  It’s time to start working for your dream.

Whats needed is for you to have your own business.  The benefits are so awesome I am amazed so few people get into business.

Many people wanting to make the leap from wage slave to business owner look at traditional small businesses.  Such things as coffee shops, donut/muffin shops, taxi,  7/11 type shops, franchises like Subway, chicken etc.  Nothing intrinsically wrong with any of these, especially franchises, just they all require a lot of investment and a huge amount of hours.

These traditional brick and mortar businesses are extremely risky and that’s if you’ve had training and experience.   If you have not had experience in setting up and running a traditional business you’re really taking a big risk.  Put it this way 50% of  small businesses fail within the first 5 years. So at best you have a 50/50 chance of surviving.

Some of the reasons this happens is; High start up costs, debt, high rent, high cost of stock, wages, advertising.  Competition can also be a killer.  If a competitor opens up near you and provides better service and lower prices, things can get very difficult.

The hardest thing about a traditional small business is you’re in business alone.  No one is going to help you.  No one is going to guide you.  You’re all alone

Many times I’ve seen ex-bank managers and other people who were employees all their adult lives get a payout when their jobs were made redundant and go off and start a small business.  Less than a year later they are broke and driving a taxi for someone else.  It’s a depressing, sad story but all too true. They just didn’t have the skills and experience needed to run a small business successfully.

If you would like to avoid that terrible fate then perhaps look at some businesses which benefit from the internet and modern technology.  Imagine a business which you run entirely from your home.  No huge overheads, no shop, no office, no staff, no signage.  None of the usual expenses associated with a traditional business.

Home Business is the Solution

The Network Marketing industry has had a tough time mostly by two types of people.  Type 1 is the people who have never truly had anything to do with it and just parrot the bad things they heard.  Type 2 is the person who tried it for a week, never bothered to learn how to do it, never took any advice, quit and then covered their failure by saying “it doesn’t work”

I’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from network marketing so it’s pretty hard to tell me it doesn’t work.

It’s illegal they say.  It’s not, it’s heavily regulated by Government so hard to figure where that one comes from

It’s a pyramid scheme they say.  Hang one…what?!?  The company you work for is a pyramid scheme.  Just look at it.  There’s one or two at the top, then a lot more managers and then a whole bunch of workers down the bottom.  Who makes the most pay from your company?  The guy at the top or the typical worker down the bottom? THAT looks like a pyramid to me.

OK lets move onto the bits that matter instead of that sort of silliness.

There are tons of network marketing businesses that cover all sorts of markets, some examples are
Health & Nutrition
Financial Management
Consumer Goods & Services
Skincare & Cosmetics
Travel & Vacation Planning
Global Communications
Crypto Currencies

Network Marketing are very often on the cutting edge of technology and trends.  They need innovative and exciting products and services to attract people to share the news and distribute for them.

Because they bypass the traditional methods of advertising, marketing and distribution they have a very efficient lower cost business model.  This is where the money comes from and plenty of money there is.

I first got started in Network Marketing way back in 1992.  I was introduced to it by a stranger.  At the time I owned a struggling Electrical Contracting firm and a real estate firm.  Both were in dire straits.  It was a bad economy but also I was not all that good as a manager.

When this stranger came to my house and showed me his business model I was very excited, it sounded very modern, very cutting edge and sure sounded like it would work to me.  Then he told me it was Amway!  I was shocked and quite disappointed.  I sure didn’t want to be part of Amway.  That was my ignorance talking.

I promised to review the materials he left me.  Over the next two days I listened to some tapes, watched a couple of videos and read the company magazines he left with me.  I kept an open mind and started having a thought…. what if…

What if this thing worked?

Dare I think it….it kept coming back to me…what if..

I started in Amway in February 1992 and that stranger became my sponsor, trainer, mentor and good friend.

He made me a success in Amway, i was never building that business alone, I could always ask for help and advice.

That was a big part of the success.  In later years I went one to even bigger success in Network Marketing and enjoyed the celebrity, friendship, world travel, awards and of course the huge income.

You can do this.  Trust me if I can do it, you can do it.  Just think…what if….

Since 2003 we have helped thousands of Australians get closer to their goals and dreams.  Isn’t it time you got the chance to finally live your dream?

Try our service for free, we don’t bite, we don’t cost you a cent and you can review some businesses in the comfort of you home.  Real businesses that really work.

Register Here Today and Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream home business

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Home Business: : Leave The Rat Race Behind For Ever

Leave The Rat Race Behind Forever

Leave The Rat Race Behind Forever: How to Stop Running and Start Living

Use these four tips to escape the vicious circle and invest in yourself instead.

Home Business: : Leave The Rat Race Behind For Ever

It's difficult to pin down the moment you joined the rat race. It just sort of...happened.

When you were in college, you probably didn't have much money. You split the rent for your crappy apartment with roommates, you didn't have a fancy car, and you sustained yourself on ramen noodles. Whatever money you had left bought you some beer or a dinner out with friends. Yet, most people look back on those days fondly.

Then you entered the workforce and started making real money. Suddenly, you needed a nice car to take clients around town and a big house to demonstrate your newfound success.

But these things you accumulated didn't do anything to improve your quality of life. In fact, the more money you made, the more stuff you needed. When you get a promotion, you still can't get ahead because your burn rate keeps pace with what you make.

The problem with the rat race is that there's no finish line. There's nobody waiting at the end to give you a medal and dump a cooler of Gatorade over your head. The wheel just keeps spinning. And the longer you're caught in this cycle of consumption, the more natural it becomes. You forget that it wasn't always like that.

How to Get off the Wheel

The first step toward escaping the rat race is being able to see the rat race. When you're just trying to keep up, it's easy to saddle yourself with a hefty mortgage and an expensive car payment and then convince yourself that's what will make you happy, but it's important to realize that your stressors are entirely self-inflicted.

The good news is that you got yourself onto the wheel, which means you can get yourself off of it.

1. Change your workweek.

The 9-to-5 grind is gospel in the rat race, but it's not the best way to put money in the bank. Instead of focusing on putting out fires and generating immediate results, consider dedicating at least 15 percent of your time to activities that build on your quality of life and 40 percent of your time to developing new platforms (instead of maintaining existing ones).

What if you spent Monday, Wednesday, and Friday knocking out your daily priorities and dedicated Tuesday and Thursday to working on a new long-term project? What if you took some days off? It's crazy, I know, but shaking up your routine can help you get off the wheel.

2. Pay yourself.

If you talk to a rat who has been running the wheel for years, he'll tell you that he earns 10 times what he used to, but his quality of life has not improved. The more he works, the more he spends, and the faster his income disappears. If you want to escape this vicious cycle, you must pay yourself first and sock some money away to accumulate for the future.

3. Only buy things that add to your quality of life.

Our culture of consumption is often what pulls us into the rat race in the first place. It's drilled into us from a very young age that a big house with a yard and a white picket fence is central to the American Dream, but did you really buy a house, or did you just get yourself a job as a handyman/gardener?

At some point, the stuff you own starts to own you. Whatever you spend your money on, make sure it adds to your quality of life.

4. Lead by example.

When you plant your feet on firm ground for the first time in years, you might look around and notice you don't have much company. The rat race may have even consumed your business.

To help your employees escape the rat race, you first need to demonstrate proof of the concept in your own life. Then try giving them some time during the week to work on their passion projects, and encourage them to invest in themselves. After all, you don't want a bunch of people running on the wheel for you when you worked so hard to get off of it yourself!

Once you escape the rat race, you'll be able to move freely and appreciate the world around you without getting dizzy.
Remember: Life is a journey, not the destination, and you don't want to spend that journey on a treadmill going nowhere.


Home Business Finder by Home Business Match Up Australia
Try Australia's Favorite 100% FREE Home Business Finder
No Obligation. No Cost To You.

How it works

There is no cost or obligation to you. Business owners pay us to find potential partners in all areas of Australia.

No experience is required, just a good attitude and a willingness to learn the business. There are no contracts, no obligations just a great chance to change your life.

We match you

After you register with us, we will introduce you to 3 home business consultants. They will speak with you on the phone and you can both get to know each other.

If you don’t like one, no harm, just end the conversation.

If you do like one of them, great. That consultant will mentor you.

How It Works Flexible & Easy You can devote as many or as little hours to your new business as you choose, it’s up to you. Your mentor will always be there to teach you and show you the way, you never need to pay them.

Flexible & Easy

You can devote as many or as little hours to your new business as you choose, it’s up to you.

Your mentor will always be there to teach you and show you the way, you never need to pay them.

Application Form Complete the form as best you can to ensure we find the best
3 businesses for you

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Leave The Rat Race Behind Forever: How to Stop Running and Start LivingUse these four tips to escape the vicious circle and invest in yourself instead. It’s difficult to specify the moment you joined the daily grind. It just kind of … happened.
Home Business Finder For Couples

Home Business Finder For Couples

Lets discuss Home Business Finder For Couples.

One of the most fulfilling things you can do for your relationship is to both go into the same business.  Being in a home business together brings couples closer as they work to grow their home based business.

Way back in 2003 we founded our business based on bringing people together using legitimate, ethical and profitable businesses as the vehicle.  Since that time we have helped literally thousands of Australian couples get closer to their dreams and goals.

We can do the same for you.

You will be pleased to learn our service is absolutely free and carries zero obligation.

You can choose from businesses in many fields including:

Health & Nutrition
Financial Management
Consumer Goods & Services
Skincare & Cosmetics
Travel & Vacation Planning
Global Communications

All perfect for home based business for couples.

We have been asked by business owners to introduce them to people looking for a home business opportunity.  If you choose to get started on your work at home journey with us we will introduce you to the best matched business owners looking to expand in your area.

Should you choose to go into business for yourselves, one of these business owners will mentor you at no cost to you.  They will teach you everything you need to know to make a go of it

This can be the best idea you’ve ever had.  This could be the first step toward achieving financial freedom and independence.

Remember that, we are not offering any get rich schemes or any other shonky type of scheme.  We only work with legitimate and ethical businesses.  All businesses require dedication and work to be a success. This is why we will match you with an experienced business owner who will stand by you and help you every step of the way.

To find out more information about Home Business Finder For Couples please complete our simple registration form here.

Work From home and spend more time with your family

Home Business Ideas Australia

Home Business Ideas Australia

It’s super exciting that you’re looking for home business ideas in Australia!  That means one thing for sure; you’re sick to death of the rat race and spending your life working hard to make someone else rich. Yes, you figured it out, that’s what a job is and to be blunt it sucks.

Jobs trap you in debt and you end up working for the banks or finance companies. Sure you love to buy things, who doesn’t, we all do.  But the problem is these days with “easy finance” it’s super easy to get trapped in a a never ending cycle of paying things off.

The very worst thing about a job is the employee is trading their time for money.  Time is the one thing none of us can renew or get more of.  It’s the most precious thing we have and none of us even know how much of it we have.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  The worst way to spend it is to make someone else rich and be away from the ones we love.

Just being on this page shows you have figured these truths out and want to break free.  We applaud you and definitely want to share some home business ideas.

Home based business in Australia is a super fast growing niche and that’s according to the Government.  The reason is the bad way jobs have devolved over the last 25 years.  Less and less benefits, more and more hours, lots of casual and temporary jobs.  It’s a big con by the rich to squeeze even more money.

Working from home in Australia is the perfect solution and we have written about the many home business ideas in this post.   We delved into many home business ideas and we are sure you will find some inspiration.

We also want you to be aware of our FREE Home Business Finder Service.  It’s free to home business seekers and is paid for by business owners. So there is no cost and no obligation to you.

You may find more about our Home Business Finder Service for Australia here

If you would like to get matched up with some Aussie Home Businesses to check them out, Go here

home business ideasGet my FREE Report called “So You Want to be Financially Independent and Free” Click Here

I wrote this guide after having been in Australian Business since 1993 .  100% Self Employed all that time.
Many years have been spent traveling to exotic locations all over the world
It’s not as hard as you may imagine.  It just takes a few simple rules and it can all be yours

Grab my free book now



Get Some Home Business Ideas for Australia

home business finder australia

Home Business Finder Australia

Home Business Finder: Australians from all walks of life are looking to our proven Home Business Finder to help match them up with the best work at home opportunity for them

home business finder australia jobs decline australia


Most Australians see the writing on the wall, jobs are not a safe, secure way forward like they were in the past.  Most jobs are being taken by robots, computers, software or shipped overseas.  Those jobs that are left are being downgraded to temporary, casual, part-time so that no benefits like holiday pay, leave loading, sick pay etc come with the jobs.

Being a wage slave these days is a truly hopeless position with no happy ending in sight

It’s time to wake up from what our school teachers told us and face the reality.  A job is just a ticket to become a slave to debt and spend a lifetime making someone else wealthy.

Nobody deserves that, well the people who can’t see what’s happening deserve it I guess.  But people with their eyes open and their thinking caps in place definitely don’t deserve this trap that our lousy education system planned for us.

Trouble is most Aussies don’t have any business ownership experience and probably don’t have the money to start a regular business.  They are very expensive.

This is where our Home Business Finder Service comes into play. Don’t worry, it’s free. 

Since 2003 we have been providing a free home business finder service for Aussies.  We charge the business owners not the home business opportunity seekers.

We only work with legitimate, legal, ethical and moral work at home business opportunities.

No get rich quick schemes or any other sort of weirdness is tolerated.  We check every business before accepting them.

Our Home Business Finder service is top notch, free and you never even need to leave the comfort of your home.  We will find a business which suits your age, skills and experience.  In fact, we will find at least 3 so you can choose which you like the best.

How’s that sound?  Pretty good, right?

home business finder experience


By now you’re probably wondering how does this home business finder work.  Well let me explain, it’s really very simple.   Business people from all over Australia come to us when they want to expand their business into a new area.  For example, if they live in Perth and want to expand into Brisbane, they would ask us to find some sharp people looking for a business opportunity.

We take a look at their business to make sure it meets our standards and requirements.  If it does then we begin the search for them.

We charge them a fee for this business match-up service.  You are not charged any fee and have no obligations.

When someone like you comes to our site and completes our form, you are then registered with us as someone interested in learning more about a home business opportunity.

If you match the business being offered in your area we put the home business owner in touch with you.

Like I said, very simple and easy.  No cost, no risk, just a big upside for you!

This could be what you have been dreaming about.  Someone with business experience to lend you a hand in building your own business.  You have to be pretty happy with that prospect.

Hopefully by now, you’re quite interested and are wondering how you get started.

I sure hope you are as it just doesn’t get better than this.  No cost, no obligation, nothing to risk, except doing nothing and facing the scary future of a robot taking your job.

Don’t do that!

Step up, be brave and register now.




Get my free report on how to be financially free and independent.  Click the image or click here for my free report

home business finder free report

Maybe you would like to learn a little more about home business in Australia from the Federal Government.

Ready to get started with the Best Home Business Finder in Australia

Work From Home

Self Motivated People Can Work From Home Australia Businesses

There are many people who do not like the corporate work atmosphere that many jobs have. They also want a job that they can determine their income with hard work. Some people have small children and want to be home with them instead of out in the workforce. 

There are many small home business opportunities available for people who know how to make money from home. Learning to make money from home Australia opportunities can be found online.

Work From Home

Why Work From Home In Australia?

There are a growing number of people in Australia who are tired of driving long distances to a job they don't find satisfying. Working from morning till night at a boring job, then trekking home too tired to enjoy one's family is not what everyone wants. Spending large sums of money on clothing and transportation for work is a problem for others. The politics of the workplace turns other people off.

But, what is the alternative? Australians who are reluctant to work from home because of fears they won't earn enough money should do a little research to see what opportunities are available. People who are happy working outside the home are fortunate. Working for an employer who requires their employees to work at a business location, is fine for a large number of people. But, it is not fine for others.

Work From Home In Australia

A self-motivated and well-disciplined person can earn a good living running a small business out of their Australian home. With a little research and a little guidance, many people can overcome the challenges of starting a home based business and thrive.

Who Might Benefit From A Home Business?

Work from home and spend more time with your family

There are several groups of people who can benefit from running home businesses:

  • Parents with young children. Many Australian parents want to spend more time with their children and still make a good living. Nannies and day care facilities cost a lot of money and are not always the best answer for small children. A parent working from home can choose their own hours.
  • Retired people are often not happy with their pensions and need more income to maintain their lifestyle. Working from home allows people to retire earlier without giving up their ability to earn money. People who retire and find themselves bored, or short of money can choose a home business that they will enjoy.
  • Self-motivated people who would rather work from home than deal with the average workplace. Some people just do not like the 9 to 5 kind of work atmosphere with a commute to deal with every day.
  • There are handicapped or mobility challenged people who find it more comfortable to work from their handicap accessible home.
  • There are people who like to travel and do other activities that interfere with a normal job. They can work their business around their activities and travel.

Some Good Small Business Ideas For Australia

Work From Home In Australia

For those people interested in work from home Australia small businesses, there are many choices. The best home business ideas Australia has to offer include businesses such as:

  • The network marketing Australia and online retail businesses. Australians do a lot of online shopping at online retail stores that gain their interest.
  • Strategic marketing and networking. People with a background in marketing or networking can help other online businesses connect with customers or prospects.
  • Technology repair and installation services. Up to 72% of Australian households and businesses have computers and the internet. A business that involves repairing and installing electronics can be a winner.
  • Pet care services. Pet lovers abound in Australia. There is an opportunity to start a pet care or pet care product business that will thrive. A pet care service can work in conjunction with mega pet warehouse businesses or other retail pet supply outlets.
  • Be a green living consultant. There is a huge interest in going green but not a lot of knowledge on how to do it. Bone up on all the rules for being environmentally friendly for businesses and for the public and open a business as a green consultant.
  • Consulting In workplace relations. Get educated in workplace laws and regulations to become an expert. Small businesses hire consultants to help them meet workplace safety and other workforce laws. They want strategies for adapting their businesses to new laws.
  • Travel services. People can open a travel agency or become a travel consultant who helps people plan trips and overcome problems involved with travel.
  • A food or snack business can be the right choice for some people. Opening a small restaurant or coffee shop takes a person out of the home but they are still their own boss. People can also sell packaged food and snacks online. Follow all the food related rules and regulations.
  • Try IT services. People who enjoy working with the internet and information technology can start an IT business to help customers manage their online information securely.
  • Health and wellness consulting. There are many consulting and retail business opportunities in the health and wellness sector. Personal trainers, weight management consultants, and nutritional consultants can make good livings.
Start a home Business online

To make a success in any of the above businesses, the business person must become educated and trained in the area they choose. Being well prepared is the key to success.

Become knowledgeable in the laws and regulations that govern each area. Decide if the business base will be at home or in a rented space near home.

Have enough capital saved or borrowed to get the business up and running until income starts coming in. Invest in the help of an expert in business planning and set ups. For more work from home Australia information, go to the website.

Click the button below and complete the form. We will introduce you to some home business owners who can help you get
the lifestyle you really want

There are many people who do not like the corporate work atmosphere that many jobs have. They also want a job that they can determine their income with hard work. Some people have small children and want to be home with them instead of out in the workforce. There are many small home business opportunities available for people who know how to make money from home. Learning to make money from home Australia opportunities can be found online.
Home Business Ideas In Australia

Best Home Business Ideas

Starting a Home Business is a trending solution for many Australians. In fact, 1 in 10 Australians are making money in a home business or side business right now!

The world has changed a great deal, nobody has a job for life anymore. When you think about it, who would want one anyway! The idea of working your life away to make someone else rich is a terrible plan sold to us by rich people.

People are much more informed now and can see there are many opportunities for those who want to look.

Let’s start at the start

Home Business in Australia. Work From Home!

Why Start a Home Business?

Well lets not beat around the bush, the main reason and motivation is to make money. Woo hoo, yeah, we all want more money and a better lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that.

Apart from income there are a bunch of other cool things that owning a successful home business can bring to you and your family.

  • You choose the hours you work, this is great because it can fit around your life and not the other way around like a job
  • You can still be involved in family activities unlike a job
  • You might thrive on the challenge of starting and running a home business, you can apply your skills and experience plus gain a whole lot of new ones.
  • Your income can increase to be much more than is possible in an ordinary job.

There’s more reasons but you get the idea, a home business in Australia these days makes a lot of sense

The Ways to Earn Money from Home

The main 4 ways to earn money in your own Australian Home Business are:

  • An online internet based money maker
  • MLM (Multi-Level Marketing or as its also called Network Marketing, even Party Plan. All legitimate and ethical business which are well supported throughout Australia.
  • Consulting is a much in demand home business model these days where you get paid to provide services to other business owners and companies.
  • Traditional home-based business opportunities where you sell products or services to customers. Think, lawnmowing, car washing, pet walking etc.

Let’s take a look in more details at these 4 avenues open to you as a work at home business owner

Online Business Ideas

Start a home Business online

Affiliate Marketing

This is a very simple concept but not so simple on the execution of it. Affiliate marketers are people who promote another company’s products. You can be an affiliate marketer for Amazon.

Imagine you really liked a book you read and wanted other people to know about that. You might write a review on your blog of Facebook page and include an Amazon affiliate link. If anyone clicked that link and purchased the book from Amazon, then you would earn a commission.

There are literally millions of companies who pay affiliates commissions. If you like a company and its products if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of their website you might see a link to their affiliate program.

One of the biggest sites to find products you can promote as an affiliate marketer is Clickbank

The main downside of Affiliate marketing is there is a learning curve but that’s it really. There are tons of training courses and if you are really into everything internet, then this could be for you.


Blogging is a big business these days. In its simplest form, you set up a blog and write about your thoughts, your passions, your experiences, anything you want. The idea is to keep posting new content (articles) on a regular basis.

There are many free platforms available for bloggers. One of the most popular is called Blogger

As you gain audience the idea is to monetize your blog with ads or with affiliate marketing.


My own daughter runs a business on Amazon. Each month she makes more than she used to make in her office job but now she is also a full-time mum to her two toddlers.

Australians love to shop online, just ask Gerry Harvey (hahahahaha) The internet is well over 20 years old now. Yes there are adults who do not know a world without the internet. We can all do just about everything online these days and this has made it so much easier for ordinary Australians to get into Ecommerce.

An easy to use and popular platform is Shopify. It even dovetails easily into Facebook to make the experience for you and your customers easy and fun.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Network Marketing, Party Plan

Working from home doing Multi Level Marketing

OK, let’s be honest many people have a low opinion of MLM and so did I until I tried it. I actually built a very big MLM business which paid me over $47,000 per month. So, if you’re thinking MLM is a scam or doesn’t work; I can guarantee you that it does work and it’s legal and it’s not a scam.

OK, we have that elephant in the room out in the open.

Like every single business model in the world, MLM Home Business has its upsides and its downsides. Let’s take a look at it, so you have a balanced view and can decide for yourself.

The biggest bad thing about MLM is people think it’s selling “stuff” to their friends. That’s not very true at all and the bad reputation comes from inexperienced jumping into MLM, not bothering to get any training and going off halfcocked. Then a week later they quit and tell everyone “MLM doesn’t work”

I’m speaking from experience, I’ve seen this happen about a gazillion times in the last 25 years.

MLM is about companies who are looking to distribute their products via people instead of warehouses and wholesalers and retail stores. That method of getting products to people is very expensive for the consumer as every step of the way has to absorb more costs and profits. By the time the product reaches the consumer its very expensive compared to the original cost.

For example: A full can of coke costs around 4 cents to produce. What does it cost you when you buy it? See what I mean?

MLM companies do not have all those costs so they share the profits with everyone involved with distributing the products.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Downside: You need to learn how to build an MLM Business but, you would need to learn how to build any business right?

Upside: You will have a lot of people willing to help you learn along the way at no cost to you. Pretty cool right? No other business model has that built in


Work From Home Doing Book Keeping

Many business people do not want to spend their time doing the books. Most find it very painful which is where you step in (if you have the skills) and take away the pain.

You don’t need to be an accountant. Correctly entering transactions into any of the most common and popular Accounting Packages is what it’s about. This ensures the accounts are “Accountant Ready”. This saves businesses a ton of money in high cost Account fees. That’s what is attractive to them.

So if number crunching is your thing, then bookkeeping might be the home business for you

Personal Trainer

As you a bit of a gym junkie? In just 8 weeks from now you can be a qualified personal trainer then you’re ready to go grab a bunch of clients. In fact some gyms will even promote your services, so getting the clients should be a breeze.

Training can be in your house, in their house, in a gym or even in a park or on the beach

Get healthy, wealthy and wise in your own personal trainer home business.

Massage Therapist

You can become massage certification very quickly and set up a home based massage business all for under $1,000. Work your own hours and be paid around $60 per hour.

Beauty Services

Hairdressing or beauty therapy is a fun home business. All the women you know will get their nails or waxing done on a regular basis. It should be pretty easy to entice them to come to your house and have a nice cup of coffee and a chat while you make them beautiful.

Startup costs are minimal and courses are easily found. If being social is your thing then a beauty service home business has got to be high on the list

Cleaning Services

In these busy times where no one has time, home business cleaning services are booming. Providing quality, trustworthy cleaning services will soon see demand for you skyrocket. You will have plenty of clients and be able to charge a premium because of your great reputation.

Start-up is very low and word of mouth will get you going fast

Markets & Fairs

Every weekend there are well established markets and fairs where you can set up a stall and start selling.

You can make products, or buy them from charities or online and resell them at the markets for a profit. Try to find something different to what everyone else sells or at least have a mix. By that I mean a mix of the traditional products and some that are new and interesting that no one else has.

Very low cost start-up but downside is you lose your weekends

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Starting a Home Business is a trending solution for many Australians. In fact, 1 in 10 Australians are making money in a home business or side business right now!

The world has changed a great deal, nobody has a job for life anymore. When you think about it, who would want one anyway! The idea of working your life away to make someone else rich is a terrible plan sold to us by rich people.

People are much more informed now and can see there are many opportunities for those who want to look.

Let’s start at the start

Affiliate Marketing - Work From Home - Get Your Home Business Started Today

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a very simple but equally powerful concept. You promote someone else’s product and they pay you a commission on sales.

That’s it in a nutshell, could not be simpler.

Don’t let that fool you, it’s incredibly powerful when applied to the internet. For example, Affiliate Marketing is what made Amazon a household name and grew it so fast. That’s right, they have an army of affiliate marketers promoting Amazon products all over the web 24/7 and have done for many years now.

Amazon loves to claim affiliate marketing was invented by them, but it wasn’t, it was around from the early days of the web when adult sites ruled. Yes, porn kings invented affiliate marketing. They knew that if they could harness thousands of web users to promote their sites they would be getting millions of visitors and not having to pay for it. They would only have to pay out a commission if the visitor purchased a membership or access to their adult site.

Amazon saw that and “borrowed” the idea. Now it’s a mainstream marketing tool and thousands of companies have affiliate marketing programs.

Now you know how it started and the basic concept. Time to move onto something more interesting.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Most sites which have an Affiliate Marketing Program will post a link to it in the footer of their website (scroll right down to the bottom)

When you click that link, there will be an application form to join their Affiliate Program. They may ask you what experience you have promoting other programs. I would suggest you tell them you have your own site and will be promoting via posts on your site and social media. Of course, if you have other methods then mention those.

They are mostly looking to work with people who are not spammers, not scammers and wont try to beat them on their own keywords in search and advertising.

Once you’re approved you will be given access to marketing materials which you can use to promote their products.

These are likely to include banner ads, emails you can copy and send out to your list, articles you can post. They will also inform you whenever they are going to run a promotion.

The Affiliate area will also provide you with your unique affiliate link. This is the link you use when promoting that company.

The link allows the company to track all visitors you send and all sales made by your visitors. Your commissions are calculated on the sales you generated. You will be able to see all the stats in your affiliate area.

Usually once a month they will pay you. Payment is usually by PayPal or by cheque. Shoot for PayPal if you can as it’s much easier than a cheque from the US.

What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

As I said earlier there are absolutely thousands of companies using affiliate marketing for sales of their products. You will learn to keep an eye out for those you happen to like and want to promote. But to get you started here are a few you can easily join and peruse.


ClickBank is the granddaddy of Affiliate Marketing Programs. It’s been around a very long time and is a marketplace for informational products. Hundreds of thousands of them. It’s free to create an account and they will even teach you how to sell if you want.

ClickBank is known for paying some of the highest commissions in the affiliate marketing niche. Good for beginners

Amazon Associates

Everyone knows and trusts Amazon so definitely a good start for beginners.

When you are accepted you will be given the flexibility to promote and product you desire on Amazon. That’s quite a big selection as I’m sure you’re aware. The commissions are not large, but the cool thing is you get paid on everything someone buys. For example, if you promoted a TV set and they used your link but went on to buy a fridge instead, you would still be paid the commission. Sweet.

I really recommend starting with ClickBank and Amazon before moving onto other more advanced programs.

How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

This is the hard part. Affiliate Marketing is a cut-throat industry and you will be up against hardened veterans who have had years of experience. It’s not impossible to make a go of it, but it’s hard work.

Sure you can make a few bucks with it but if you really want to make the big bucks you’re going to need to commit to a lot of learning, a lot of frustration and most likely a lot of money

There are, of course, many training sites available. The very best one is called Digital Marketer. I am not an affiliate of theirs but I am a member of their site. If you want to learn Digital Marketing go join for a dollar and give it a whirl

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Affiliate Marketing is a very simple but equally powerful concept. You promote someone else’s product and they pay you a commission on sales. That’s it in a nutshell, could not be simpler.
Multi Level Marketing Network Marketing

Best Business Ideas – Network Marketing – MLM

What is Network Marketing & MLM?

MLM is very big business. Worldwide it generates over $50 Billion per year and has over 2 Million participants. Time to rethink any out of date and unsubstantiated myths you may have about Network Marketing.

MLM is a legitimate and ethical alternative method of distributing goods and services. The traditional method is a manufacturer ships their goods to a wholesaler who adds overhead and profit to the price then ships the goods to a retailer. Of course, the retailer also adds overhead and profit. By the time the consumer buys the goods they have been marked up very substantially.

For example, a full can of Coke costs around 4 cents to manufacture, think about that next time you buy one.

MLM uses a network of distributors who are paid commissions by the company to distribute the goods and services.

This method allows ordinary people to enjoy quality goods and services and be paid a commission.

The main goal of distributors in Network Marketing Home Business is to introduce more people to the products. Some of these people will be customers and others will become customers/distributors.

The Benefits of a Network Marketing Home Based Business

MLM got its start in the 1920’s and has enjoyed stunning growth in the last couple of decades. These days it’s common for top MLM’ers to be bringing home millions of dollars in commissions every year. That’s a lot of moola for a home business.

Here’s the big 4 benefits of running a Home Business in Network Marketing

Unlimited Income Potential

In theory, there is no limit to how much income you can earn in an MLM. It really just comes down to consistently doing what is required to build an MLM. Then to train those people in your downline to do the same and doing that over and over.

Many MLM companies also provide big bonuses, free cruises, lavish gifts and trips to successful distributors. I personally once was given two around the world airfares, diamond rings, boat cruises, special dinners, free tours and a bunch of other nice things.

Low Cost of Entry and Risk

MLM is very low cost to join. Many begin at under $100 and the highest cost are less than $3,000.

With a Network Marketing business, you will have a lots of freedom to work your own hours, not have to borrow huge money from a bank and you won’t need to bother with having employees. That in itself is a blessing.

MLM Training is Included

All MLM organisations include free MLM training for their distributors. The best people to learn from are those who are successful in your upline. They have a vested interested in helping you be a success. You won’t find that in any other industry. Once you are on your way to the top, you will be wanting to help train your own downline.

Many new people make a huge mistake when they join an MLM for the first time. They have a “I know it all” attitude. That’s got failure written all over it. Be teachable, be open and learn the ropes and you will be fine and best of all you will meet new people and have a lot of fun.

Home Business Tax Deductions

Network Marketing is a business, as long as you treat it as such and not as a hobby. If it’s a hobby for you then you are most likely not entitled to tax deductions. Treat your business as a business. Keep receipts, keep a travel log in your car and a record of all income and outgoings.

Then you can take those to a bookkeeper or accountant. Like any legitimate business you will be able to deduct all genuine expenses before calculating any tax payable. If you happen to make a loss your first year, don’t be too concerned, you can carry the loss forward to next year and use it in lowering any tax you owe. I’m not an accountant so this is my own opinion you should seek the opinion of a tax professional.

Are MLM Companies a Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Many people, who don’t really know or understand MLM think it’s a pyramid scheme or a scam. Neither are true. The MLM industry is very tightly controlled by Government and a myriad of rules and regulations which must be complied with.

It always makes me laugh when people say “pyramid scheme” when I ask them about the company they work for I ask how many workers are at that company. Sometimes it might be a few hundred.

How many Managers are there? Maybe 30

How many heads of department? Maybe 10

How many Directors? Maybe 6

You get the point I think. All regular companies are pyramid schemes. There are one or two people at the top and dozens of people at the bottom doing the work. All those workers are making the guys at the top rich.

In MLM anyone can become the biggest income maker, it doesn’t matter when you started, you can be the next biggest income earner in MLM.

There are hundreds of MLM companies with more starting up all the time. When and if you are introduced to MLM, listen with an open mind to the person presenting the opportunity to you. Evaluate the products, consider the compensation plan and decide if that person is going to be able to teach you and lead you up the ladder fast.

If you have a good relationship with them, give it a shot, you have very little to lose and a heck of a lot to gain.

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How Much Money Can Be Earned in MLM?

To be honest, there really is no limit. Unlike a salary, you are free to earn as much as you want.

Because Network Marketing is all about leverage you can go fast and far by recruiting more and more people. Imagine you had 100 people in your downline and you earned a little bit of commission from them all. Maybe that would be giving you an income of $50,000 per year.

Now imagine after 3 to 5 years you had 1,000 people in your downline. That might be giving you an income of $500,000 per year!

I know people who have tens of thousands in their downline.

The sky is the limit for income you can earn in MLM but, it’s not handed to you on a silver platter. You need to learn the skills and do the work. Trust me the work is not as hard as sitting at a desk all day doing some job you hate. Now that’s hard work!

Here is a list of the top multi-level marketing (MLM) companies worldwide. It’s no surprise that over 25% of the most successful network marketing products are related to health, through supplements and health care with many products marketed exclusively via network marketing. These mlm rankings based on annual sales:

Here is a list of the top multi-level marketing (MLM) companies worldwide. It’s no surprise that over 25% of the most successful network marketing products are related to health, through supplements and health care with many products marketed exclusively via network marketing. These mlm rankings based on annual sales:

Rank Company Annual Sales (US$) Industry
1 Avon Products, Inc.
$11.3 billion beauty, jewelry, apparel
2 Amway $10.9 billion cosmetics, personal care, food, home care, wellness
3 Herbalife Ltd. $3.5 billion cosmetics, personal care
4 Natura Cosmeticos SA $3.0 billion cosmetics, personal care
5 Vorwerk & Co. KG $3.0 billion
cosmetics, household appliances, home care
6 Mary Kay Inc. $2.9 billion cosmetics, personal care
7 Tupperware Brands Corp. $2.6 billion storage and serving products, beauty, personal care
8 Oriflame Cosmetics SA $2.1 billion beauty
9 Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. $1.7 billion cosmetics, personal care
10 Belcorp $1.6 billion cosmetics, personal care
11 Primerica Financial Services Inc $1.1 billion financial services
12 Ignite Inc. $861 billion electricity, natural gas
13 Telecom Plus $731 million landline phones, broadband, mobile phones, gas, electricity, cashback card
14 Yanbal International $720 million skin care, personal care, cosmetics, jewelry, fragrances
15 Ambit Energy, L.P. $664 million Energy
16 AMOREPACIFIC $600 million cosmetics, personal care, wellness, beverage
17 USANA Health Sciences Inc. $582 million wellness
18 New Era Health Industry Group, Co., Ltd. $555 million cosmetics, healthcare, cleaning
19 ACN, Inc. $550 million Telecommunications, energy
20 Scentsy $537 million cosmetics, personal care, food and beverage, home decor, kitchenware

How to Succeed in MLM

Many people and articles will tell you it’s all about the product. Pick the right product they say. That’s absolute rubbish and is written by people who have never built an MLM business.

I have built two network marketing businesses and the product has very little to do with the success of both of those businesses.

What is need is for you to be like a teachable sponge. You need to listen more than you speak and soak up all the knowledge you can.

Listen to your upline, well not all of them, only the ones who are actively building the business. Spend as much time with them as they will allow. Do what they do, dress like they do, go where they go. Emulate them to be like them.

Ask them to teach you how to prospect people, how to do presentations, how to do follow-ups and how to train your own downline.

Make one of them your mentor and speak to them everyday

Read personal development books because you got this far in life as a result of the books you read and the people you associate with. Like all of us, you need personal improvement.

Some of the very best books to get you started are these:

The Magic of Thinking Big

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Think and Grow Rich

Get all three and read a minimum of 15 minutes per day.

A wise man once told me that wages are earned 9 to 5, fortunes are made after hours

The point is to get rich in anything you need to change what you are doing now. You’re not going to get what you want by frittering your life away on the couch watching TV.

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MLM is very big business. Worldwide it generates over $50 Billion per year and has over 2 Million participants. Time to rethink any out of date and unsubstantiated myths you may have about Network Marketing.
You Need Your MLM Business Now

Get Your MLM Business Now Before It’s Too Late

Why You Need Your MLM Business Now More Than Ever

This is a big topic: Why You Need Your MLM Business Now More Than Ever

The answer is simple and you can experience it all around you everyday. The robots are coming to take your job. Yes I know you think your job is safe, watch this video and see why it's not safe at all.

The workers of the world will have a Universal Income. I'm willing to bet that's not going to be what any of us would consider a high income. Those on it will be doomed to a low income, no money for a decent home and forever begging more from their Government. In the US, they probably won't even have Universal Helthcare.

10 years from now it will be unimaginable that we used to manually drive cars! Computers and robots, don't take breaks, don't get tired, don't take vacations, don't complain and don't get paid. Of course they are going to take your job.

The only hope of a good life where we have options and can make choices is to own a business.

You can't build a business perching the couch watching TV. But if you do the work now, you can sit on the beach while a robot does your old job.

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This is a big topic: Why Get Your MLM Business Now Before It’s Too Late
The answer is simple and you can experience it all around you everyday. The robots are coming to take your job. Yes I know you think your job is safe, watch this video and see why it’s not safe at all.